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Keynote Speaker

Her speech lasts an hour but the effect might last a lifetime...

Karina will share her story about choosing her own path and exploring it – no matter if the exploration is from the tops of mountains, or simply within herself. Her incredible journey will dare attendees to dream again – and inspire them to go out and chase those dreams.


Karina, a highly respected Norwegian-born freeskier and BASE jumper, became the first female to complete a ski-BASE jump. In 2006, Karina’s pro skiing and BASE jumping career was cut short when she suffered from 25 leg fractures in a near-fatal aerial accident. With guardian angels she balanced between life and death and survived against all odds. For the first time in her life she was 100% depending on other people.

She endured 20 surgeries and has had to relearn to walk, but she has returned to skiing and is living life to the fullest today.

Hear her gripping story about her struggle back to life and her unconquerable spirit of finding a new way of life.

TEDx Bucharest


In November 2013 Karina was invited to speak at the honorable TEDx event in Bucharest, Bulgaria. Her 18 minutes speech was honored with a standing ovation from the thousands of spectators who were mezmerised by her tale.

TED Talks are an exclusive group of speakers carefully selected and invited to speak at a format of maximum 18 minutes. All TED Talks are streamed live and provided free of charge. The TED family range from Hillary Clinton, J.K Rowlings and Steve Jobs.

Watch her TEDx talk here:


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 18 min


"Making it happen"

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