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Performance consulting

Haugli & Hollekim

Karina Hollekim has teamed up with Merete Haugli, former Assistant Head of Police and Head of Private Banking, to provide Leadership Development Programs and Mentoring through effective process management. Their skills and experiences complement each other and no one gets under their radar. Their clients range from International IT companies, Shipping, Family Offices and Lawyers to Fashion Industry and Professional Athletes.

1 ON 1

Karinas strive to help her clients live the best possible way they can. She believes that success is a by-product of wellbeing. Karina offers consulting to companies, elite athletes and private individuals. Her holistic approach to health and performance originates in the work of Dr. Aki Hintsa.


Karina offers tailored workshops for your company. A workshop can last from 2 hours to a full day.


Together with Merete Haugli, Karina offers tailored Leadership development courses. H&H focus on Who you are, What you say and What you do?

Merete Haugli
Karina Hollekim
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